Franchise FAQs

What territories are available?

We have many top tier territories available. Contact us about specifics or if you have a real estate opportunity you are potentially exploring, you can email David McDougall directly at or 615-620-2300.

How much is the franchise fee and initial investment?

Our franchise fee is $35,000 for your first restaurant and $30,000 for additional restaurants. The initial investment for a single traditional restaurant is $460,000 - $1,190,000 – a wide range, but dependent whether you purchase or lease your real estate, and on the type of restaurant/building you desire.

What are the royalty and advertising fees?

Just like most brands, the royalty fee is 4% of sales and you will contribute 1.5 percent to the Advertising Fund. Additionally, you will be required to spend 2 percent on local advertising.

What type of support will I receive from Back Yard Burgers?

First class support from a first class team. We believe in providing you as much support as possible so that we can give you the right tools to guide you in your success. We have an experienced operations and marketing support team who will regularly visit your restaurants in addition to ongoing marketing collateral to help you engage with your customers. Our operations team is constantly finding ways to add more efficiency and our executive leadership is focused on adding more restaurants to further support the brand. There is a lot of truth to being in business for yourself, yet not by yourself.

What is the next step?

Complete the requested information to start your application and we will schedule a call.

Apply here.