Back Yard Burgers Announces Re-Opening of Location in Joplin, MO

Nashville, TN  (March, 2012) - Back Yard Burgers announces the re-opening of its franchise location in Joplin, MO.

Back Yard Burgers is proud to announce the re-opening of their Joplin, MO location on March 5th.  Experienced Back Yard Burgers franchisee, Ozark Restaurant Group, is re-opening the Back Yard Burgers location at 1611 South Rangeline Road in Joplin destroyed by the tornado May 22, 2011.  Back Yard Burgers char-grills their offerings and prides itself on delivering the most flavorful, juicy, delicious burger you can find, unless you grill it in your own back yard.

Franchisee Ozark Restaurant Group is excited to be part of the rebuilding and recovery efforts in Joplin.  "As we look back over the last few months, there have been times when we throught we would not succeed in our efforts to rebuild our location.  Joplin has always welcomed us as one of the favorite spots to get a burger, and we are extremely happy to be re-opening our location.  We are also excited to be able to offer local jobs to help keep the economy moving along here in Southwest Missouri.  It is important to us as a company to provide not only great service and food, but to be community partners and help rebuild a vibrant and diverse neighborhood here in Joplin", said Kevin Rolf, franchisee.

Back Yard Burgers is proud to continue to offer one of the Nation's Top 5 Burgers* at the new location.  Come in for your favorites like our complete line up of hamburgers, including the Classic burger, the Bacon Cheddar burger, the Mushroom Swiss burger and the always popular Black Jack burger or your chicken favorites including the Blackened Chicken sandwich and the Hawaiian.  Round our your meal with our delicious new waffle fries.  "These fries are a heritage item for Back Yard Burgers and we are pleased to be bringing them back" says Andy Abbajay, COO of Back Yard Burgers.

This restaurant is also expanding the menu to include healthier options.  "We are pleased to offer our Chef inspired top quality options to those guests seeking to make healthier choices in their fast food experiences and are excited this franchisee has added these items to the menu " says Andy Abbajay.  Healthier options include the Wild Turkey burger, the Black Bean Veggie burger, a new Chopped Chicken salad, and Sweet Potato Fries.

The addition of a Value Menu with 5 items starting at $1.99 offers the price sensitive guest plenty of options at Back Yard Burgers.  You can choose from the Tex-Mex Dog, the Tender Jack chicken sandwich, the Picnic burger, and more.  Take the savings and choose from a variety of delicious milkshakes, fresh baked cobblers and ice cream for dessert.

Back Yard Burgers is continuing to grow and looking to expand into new markets.  We are extremely excited to begin offering franchises with exclusive territories not only in our existing markets but throughout the United States.  Prime territories are still available, 

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Back Yard Burgers, now open in 7 locations in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri.

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*as voted by consumers of a top rated consumer reporting magazine