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Momentum Placing Better-Burger Brand in Prime Position for Rapid 2016 Expansion

Back Yard Burgers is known today as the successful purveyor of 100 percent Black Angus beef burgers - a taste its loyal customers can’t get enough of. However, the brand is also known for a great comeback.

Back Yard Burgers CEO David McDougall said during an 
interview this week with the BBJ the company is looking to
grow across the Southeast and Birmingham is on the
radar for more franchises.

Businesses close their doors every day – it’s a common and unfortunate tale in the restaurant industry. Far less common is the story of a company that goes from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to major sales success in a couple years’ time.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

Back Yard Burgers began 2014 focused on a goal: treat guests with genuine kindness and respect and deliver hot, fresh, delicious food. This philosophy was a recipe for success.

RALEIGH — Out of about 20 Back Yard Burgers across the state, half-brothers Brandon Cox and Jamie Borel own the only one that is still standing.<--break->

As winter starts to settle in, chefs and restaurant operators turn their attention to the popular flavors and tastes of the holiday season, from cool peppermint and pumpkin to nuts, cinnamon and other spices, but often adding a fresh twist to traditional favorites.

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When the executive team at Nashville-based Back Yard Burgers set out to redesign the brand’s menuboards, they didn’t expect the changes to have such an impact on sales. But the burger franchise has seen just that.

“Even without a price increase, we’re getting about a 20–30 cent increase per check,” says Monte Jump, Back Yard Burgers’ CMO and COO. “It was an unexpected outcome. Certainly the goal was to make more money through this, but we thought it would be not so much through increased check averages.”

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