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Please note that not all of our locations offer catering. If your local Back Yard Burgers restaurant doesn't offer catering, be sure to ask about their large order carry-out options.

Many of our locations offer catering options, from delivery of large orders to bringing the grills right to your location to cook up our tasty burgers on site! Check with your local restaurant on their catering options.

When Back Yard Burgers caters an event, we don’t just bring the delicious burgers, we show up with the entire grill. (Hence the name “Grills on the Go.”) Besides setting the tone for a great party, this allows us to deliver that hot-from-the-grill taste that people are always raving about.

Juicy Black Angus burgers, tender charbroiled chicken and all-beef hot dogs — our Grills on the Go maestros will serve them up the way they were meant to be enjoyed. We can also take care of side dishes, desserts, drinks and everything else it takes to cook up a good time. Did we mention that we set up and clean up after ourselves too?

In fact, the only thing we don’t do for you is eat the food itself. (Well, at least not when you’re watching.)

Tailgates, school outings, company functions, birthdays, family reunions, “just-because” bashes — any event is a good excuse to party it up Back Yard Burger style. To find your nearest Grills on the Go team, just follow the smoky, mouth-watering scent of sizzling burgers.

You can find the Back Yard Burgers catering locations using the search field in the upper left of our website.